who am i?


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My name is Hana Joo, the Artslut.

I bang canvases & make art babies.

Calling myself a slut, in any shape or form is not easy. Now that I have your attention, let's go beyond the front page and welcome yourself to the first chapter: get to know the artist. My website will focus on art & blah-gs (me sharing my thoughts, blah blah blah-gging). This is my act of reclaiming the word "slut" (you'll see in my next projects). Let's try to raise sensitivity on everything in this world and give it a try to open all the books, instead of judging everything by its cover. 

This is important.

To manage and control a mass and with our world full of information and resources... I know, it's impossible to learn about everything, and that is exactly why this is so important. The danger of being the product of convenience.

Since 2005, I have been volunteering at a community service center in Chicago. I have been exposed to many different problems in our world, such as those related to global warming, human trafficking, undocumented immigrants, inequality, animal cruelty, sexual orientation, and more. My experiences and my attempts to help resolve such problems inform my worldview. 

America is a unique country that was built on diversity and a mixture of cultures and differences. Sometimes our uniqueness is not celebrated, and sometimes people struggle to achieve equality, freedom, and respect for their sexual orientation. However, through our shared experiences, education, and knowledge, we have progressed. Today, women can vote, slavery does not exist openly, and gay people can marry. Although laws have changed, our understanding of differences still has room for improvement. There are more issues that need to be addressed.

I paint things that seem difficult to identify at a first glance. This is to help your eyes practice spending your time to get to look at something beyond the "obvious" and share your precious time to discover something, truly meaningful, to some degree, for all of us.

We all are going through something-- as happy as I am, I am suffering from a serious depression, and I think about dying almost every day, tmi? how about #truestory #realshit. These thoughts are product of my childhood and lack of me appreciating myself, the world, and reminder of how beautiful a life can be. So I paint. Creating something makes me want to stay strong. I want to share that experience with a meaning and deliver something, unforgettably powerful.  

First step of creation involves starting a painting even myself is unaware of the final product----this serves one purpose; to create something that is truly unique, like us

By celebrating individual uniqueness and embracing it through art, I hope to make a small contribution to the reduction of hate and the promotion of well-being in our world. Embrace, not Erase.

Let's go bang all the canvases!

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